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Candidates Forum

Every year the Harlingen Area Chamber holds a Candidate Forum prior to elections.  The purpose of the forum is to give candidates vying office an opportunity to present their views on business-related issues affecting our community. All candidates are invited to participate, and none will be given preferential treatment. The format and questions are developed by a committee of the Chamber, and the moderator will be unbiased and familiar with current issues.  This event is free and open to the public.

The Greater Chamber of Harlingen held a Texas State Senate Forum for District 27 on Thursday, February 24.

The candidates that were invited  to participate were:

Adam Hinojosa
Morgan LaMantia
Sara Stapleton-Barrera
Alex Dominguez
Raul Torres
Isreal Salinas
Salomon Torres

The 2022 Candidates Forum for District 37 was held on Tuesday, February 22nd.  All candidates were invited to participate, they made opening and closing statements as well as answered random questions asked by the moderator.  The forum was moderated by Adam Cordona with Channel 4.

Candidates included:

Ruben Cortez
Frank Puente
Luis Villarreal Jr.
George Rivera
Janie Lopez

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